Some facts about myself and my life.

Hello, my name is Patrick Woessner!

I am a graduate in Business Administration but I always had a multitude of interests.

As for now, I have little spare time to spend on traveling. But I am sure I will soon enough have the opportunity to visit my favorite beach again.

My Skills:

My business skillset:

  • Project
  • Analytics
  • Digital Products

My tech skillset:

  • PHP70%
  • JS / jQuery / AngularJS80%
  • HTML/CSS90%
  • MySQL / SQLite / MongoDB60%
  • WordPress80%


Currently I am working on:

Trip Angkor - Cambodia Travel Portal

Trip Angkor

Trip Angkor is a comprehensive source for travel information to Cambodia.

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Trip Angkor

After many trips to Cambodia, time has come to share some of my experiences and my knowledge with fellow travellers who want to visit this fascinating country.

Trip Angkor is a travel blog powered by WordPress.

Visit tripangkor.com
Tech Junkies - Tech Blog

Tech Junkies

Tech Junkies is my tech blog. Here, I share tech-related articles.

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Tech Junkies

I have been curious about technology since my early teenagerhood. Tech Junkies is my blog for topics around coding, digital life, gadgets, gaming, hardware, photo and more.

Tech Junkies is powered by WordPress.

Visit techjunkies.blog

A selection of my work in the past:



Kreuzfahrt-Prozente.de is a cruise portal focusing on cruise bargains.

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In its early days, Kreuzfahrt-Prozente.de provided a quick and up-to-date overview on cruise bargains. Subsequently, Kreuzfahrt-Prozente.de developed into a full service cruise portal.

From 2014 till 2019 I worked on Kreuzfahrt-Prozente.de as a co-founder of seaCommerce, the operating company behind the portal.

cruZero - Cruise Metasearch


cruZero was a slim and fast cruise meta search portal.

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cruZero started with the conclusion that research for the perfect cruise package requires a lot of effort. While meta search products offer a quick and efficient market overview for hotels and flights, such a service was missing for the cruise market.

cruZero was built with:

  • Web: Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP
  • Mobile Apps: AngularJS, Cordova
  • Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB

In December 2015 we decided to discontinue cruZero to focus all our efforts on our main-project Kreuzfahrt-Prozente.de.


Feel free to leave me a message!

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